1942 Incorporated as a distributor of home-delivery medicines to South Asian countries under the support by the Toyama Prefecture Government.Corporate name Daito-A Yakuhin Koeki Tosei Kaisha.
1948Corporate name changed to Daito Koeki Co., Ltd.
1949Built the first manufacturing plant and started manufacturing of formulations.
1971Research Laboratory was established and manufacturing of APIs started.
1979Plants remodeled to meet GMP requirements and an experimental plant was constructed.
1985New laboratories constructed, manufacturing of OTC medicines started.
1986Packaging plant meeting FDA requirements constructed.
1989The second manufacturing plant for APIs constructed.
1992Corporate name changed from Daito Corporation to Daito Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
1993The third formulation plant constructed.
1999The third manufacturing plant for APIs constructed.
2001The fifth formulation plant constructed.
2005The Head Office transferred to the present place.
2007The third packaging plant and the fifth manufacturing plant for APIs constructed.
2007Chicago Office established in the USA
2008The sixth formulation plant constructed.
2008DPA(Daito Pharmaceuticals America) inc. opened in Chicago.
2010 Listed on the 2nd section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2011 Listed on the 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2012Subsidiary company established in China and it’s name changed to Daito pharmaceutical (China) Co.,Ltd.
2014The seventh formulation plant constructed.
2015The sixth manufacturing plant for APIs and the third packaging plant for APIs constructed.
2016Industrial Technology Development Center constructed.
2017R&D Center for HPC APIs and Formulation constructed.
2018The eighth formulation plant constructed.

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