message from president


In recent years,the advent of an aging society means that national medical expenditure

continues to rise in Japan. The government is trying to curb the ever-increasing medical expenditure by adopting policies to hold drug prices down via NHI price revisionsand to promote the use of cheap generic drugs. The revisions to the risk-classification for non-prescription drugs (the first to the third class OTC drugs) in therevised The Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of June 2009 came into effect from 2011.


Since its founding in 1942, thanks to the mutual trust and sense of unity between management and employees, Daito has been developing and expanding its hybrid operations that include the manufacturing and marketing of drug substances (active pharmaceutical ingredients), prescription drugs, OTC drugs and home-delivery medicines, entrusted manufacturing for major pharmaceutical

companies, and the sale of health food. We will now take on the challenge of marketing drug substances and pharmaceuticals in Japan and overseas, and aggressively is working on high potent products such as neo-plastics.


The Daito Group will faithfully respond to society’s demands, live up to your trust by recognizing our responsibilities as a company whose business has a direct impact on human life, and aim for harmony with human society and the environment. Management and employees will unite and work diligently to contribute to people’s healthy lifestyle through a stable supply of high quality drug substance and pharmaceutical products, as we aim for even further progress in order to remain your company of choice.



President and CEO, Yasunobu Otsuga

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