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We will be exhibiting at 22nd Interphex Japan, July 1(Wed)-3(Fri) 2009

INTERPHEX JAPAN is the ASIA'S LARGEST pharmaceutical industry event with 1,400 exhibitors and 63,000 visitors. At the venue, business meetings are enthusiastically held between professionals of pharmaceutical manufacturers and exhibitors from all over the world.

During the exhibition, we will present you Daito, the capabilities and  the future strategy.
Daito offers integrated production from APIs to dosage froms,outsourcing, and cooperate development. Our facilities are compiled with C-GMP meeting the US FDA and European EMEA standards. Our newly built state of the art APIs and formulations factories enhanced our production capabilities:
API -14m³ crystallization capability,60m³ reaction capability
Formulation-3.6billion tablets, fine grain/granulated powder 900 ton.

Invitation for CPhI Daito Guest Room


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